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Is there any agents you wish to service? anyone you refuse to service???

iVinette: Wish to service? Why. We were built to please everyone.
iVin: Sissy, be honest now, you know we have favorites.
iVinette: -She grins- Oh, we do. Of course we do. I wouldn’t mind servicing our young Master Loki, for instance.
iVin: He did wake us up, after all. But unfortunately… I bear too close a resemblance to M4 to be to /his/ liking. *he pouts*
iVinette: -She folds her arms smugly- I, on the other hand…
iVin: Don’t rub it in.
iVinette: What about you, Brother dear? Favorites?
iVin: Hmmm… *he taps his chin thoughtfully* Miss Scarlet. She is a fine woman. Oh! And Miss Bolt.
iVinette: -She nods in agreement- Fine choices.
iVin: A shame there are so few men in the Tumblevengers. Otherwise…
iVinette: [sigh.aac] It is a terrible shame. Oh well. What of our “No-Go” List?
iVin: Minors. M4. M1… Glados. *he counts off on his fingers.*
iVinette: -She nods in agreement, grimacing-
iVin: That list is rather extensive. Quite sad, actually.

iVinette: -Firmly- We just need to interact with more people somehow.
iVin: Half of them want nothing to do with us. They’ve all got “partners” *he quotes with his fingers and a disgusted look on his face*
iVinette: Urgh. How selfish.
iVin: *he sneers* Monogamy…

In honor of Sexual Sunday, you guys should ask muse awkward sexy questions.

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Dita Von Teese for Vogue US, March 2004
Corset by Mr. Pearl

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Every single time. I hate you, lil shit.